Here at Milk & Honey, we like to think of ourselves as cheese critics. While we love to enjoy our cheese, we also love to critique it! Each cheese review we write is based on a 50 point rating system that we created. Each of the following categories is worth 10 points.

Here's the breakdown:

Presentation: How does the overall plate or board look? It it visually balanced? Colorful? Does the establishment use a unique serving vessel?

Quantity vs. Price: This one's pretty simple; how much cheese do you get for the money.

Extras on the Plate: It's not ALL about the cheese. What is the cheese served with? Are the extras unique? Classic? Or just plain weird?

Uniqueness: Were the cheese, presentation, extras or tastes combined in a unique or creative way?

Taste: Was the cheese fresh? Did the extras enhance flavors, or distract from them?
Overall Experience: This is where mediocre cheese plates can be redeemed by a cozy and inviting establishment (possibly with great wine specials).

Disagree with our score? Leave a comment if you've had different experiences at a particular restaurant!

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