Saturday, August 13, 2011

Texas Brings Home ACS Ribbons!

Texan Cheesemakers Make us Proud at American Cheese Society 2011 Competition!

Go Texan Cheesemakers! Woohoo! You rocked the American Cheese Society annual competition! For those who haven't heard how the competition works, imagine a dog show in which dogs compete in breed classes. Then those winners go on to the Best in Show judging. And that's how it works! This year, American cheeses were entered into 106 categories (out of a potential 109) and there were a total of 1676 cheeses entered into the competition! So back to those Texan Cheesemakers making us proud... As they have every year since entering, Pure Luck Farm and Dairy out of Dripping Springs took home prizes - two second place ribbons for Hopelessly Bleu and Basket Molded Chevre. Dallas Mozzarella Company won a 1st place for its Hoja Santa Goat Cheese and a 3rd place for the Queso Blanco with Chiles. Three Happy Cows, a newer producer in the Dallas area, took home the third place ribbon in their category, when both their Plain Drinkable Yogurt and Blueberry Drinkable Yogurts tied. Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese out of Granbury won first place for its Birdville Reserve. (John even high jacked a piece to bring back to the shop!) And lastly, Brazos Valley Cheese, based just south of Waco, took home three ribbons! Their Bandaged Cheddar won a 3rd place, their Brie a 2nd place, and their Eden a 1st place. (Not all our Texan Cheesemakers entered cheeses into the competition, but we hope this inspires them to do so next year!) Thank you, thank you, thank you Texas Cheesemakers! Not only do you make us proud and delight our taste buds, but we know you also work tirelessly and endlessly - weathering the drought and caring for your animals, maintaining clean working environments to produce high quality milk, pouring your heart and soul into making good cheese, and watching over it like a baby as it matures. In fact, we owe sincere appreciation and gratitude towards all artisanal Cheesemakers, who daily produce labors of love that we get to enjoy. Thank you.


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